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Classroom Number: 503
School Phone:
(936) 875-9295
Conference Time:
A days 11:10 - 1:00, B days 7:55-9:25
Leslie Ainsworth

Welcome to Mrs. Ainsworth's page!

Texas History


Classroom WebApp for Vocabulary Review

List of vocabulary words and presentations can be found on Classroom Webpage.

To access Quizlet students use username and alphakey.  Password is lunch number @hisd.

Quizlets are also posted on Google Classroom pages for direct access.


Classroom Expectations

Classroom Rules are posted in the classroom.

1. Respect the teacher and classmates (You show respect to me when you do what I  say, don’t talk back, do not touch my property without permission, and follow all classroom rules and procedures. You respect your

classmates when you follow classroom rules and procedures)

2. Follow directions (This means that you do whatever I tell you to do without complaining or

arguing about it. Example: , be in your seat, get work turned in, stop talking, etc.)

3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself (This means you do not throw things, kick things, push people, hit

people, etc.)

4. No teasing or name calling (You do not use obscene or vulgar language in the classroom for any

reason. You do not make fun of or tease another classmate because of his color, race, language, religion, etc.)

5. Be in the classroom when the bell rings (This means I want you in your seat as soon as you come into my classroom and I want you to be on time).