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A day 11:35-12:00; 12:40-1:10 B day 9:30-11:05
Linette Cockrell

Welcome to Mrs. Cockrell's

6th Grade Science Class

animated beakers


Classroom Expectations Links

Mutual respect is practiced in the classroom

No name calling or put downs will be allowed

Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself

Bring all supplies to class

Have your pencils sharpened and homework turned in before the tardy bell

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Be learning the Elements assigned.

There is a quizlet you can use to help learn them.


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 Assignments, project information, and study guides  can easily be accessed via Google Classroom.  Google  Classroom works best in the Google Chrome browser. lunchnumber@hisd


 Energy Resources       


 Energy Resources

 Earth Materials            

 Plate Boundaries 

 Force & Motion

 Solar System

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 Compound Machines         

 Simple Machines

 Build A Simple/Compound Machine

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