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About Coach Hebert


Leslea Hebert

Track & CC Coach

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Contact Info:


About Me

Educational History:

I graduated from Lindsay High School in Lindsay, Oklahoma in 2005.
I graduated from Texas A&M University-Commerce in Commerce, TX in 2009.

Current Position:

I started teaching and coaching at Hudson in August of 2009.

Previous Position:

I teach K-2nd P.E. at Peavy Primary and coach cross country at Hudson Middle School.

I have always been a runner. I started running in the 6th grade and ran 2 years in college at  TAMU-C.  There have been a few breaks here and there, but for the most part, I have been running since I was 12.  That is one of the main reasons I love working with middle school runners.  It is something that was such an important part of my life through the toughest times in life.  Middle school is hard.  If helping middle school girls find a joy in something like running that will carry them through life, I know I have done my job. 

Family Information:

I am married to Lynn Hebert, who is also a teacher and coach. We were married in 2013.  I have a orange and white kitty-cat named Hendrix. 

Personal Information:

My hobbies are similar to my job.  I love to run, bike, and swim.  I also enjoy playing the piano and singing.  
When I am not teaching, I love to sit on the coach and watch HGTV with my husband.  I also enjoy spending Sundays at church with my husband.  I love to get to sleep late on those few occasions that are actually possible.  I also love to read and spend time with whole family when we are able to be together.