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Bianca Ortiz

Welcome to Coach Ortiz’s Website! 

7th grade Health Education

Middle & High School Softball


Classroom Expectations Links
  1. Show respect for the teacher, your classmates, and yourself!
  2. Be on time! (Inside the classroom and in your assigned seat.)
  3. Be prepared for class everyday!
  4. Raise your hand before you speak.
  5. No food or drinks! Bottled water is acceptable.
  6. No electronics! (Follow school cell phone policy)

Classroom Supplies

My Syllabus



Online Resources We Use
Resource Username Password


All HMS students are expected to be able to log into their Google accounts through the Google Chrome browser lunchnumber@hisd


Announcements, assignments and content material can be accessed by logging on to canvas. Students can access Canvas through Clever. 

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Contact Bianca Ortiz

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1:05 - 2:35