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Richard Crenshaw

News From The Principal's Desk:

Dear Parents and Families,


Each year our students continue to rise to the increasing expectations and standards. At Hudson Middle School our goal is to provide your student with a meaningful education that will support future learning and career placement. To achieve this, we have balanced our curriculum with Relevant Learning Standards (Critical Thinking, Incorporation of Technology, Soft Skills or Life Skills, and Real World Applications as related to local curriculum and current professional trends).


In addition, we at Hudson Middle School continue to expand our faculty’s professional knowledge in order for them to provide the most innovative learning opportunities for our students. We have added a GT based 3D printing class, a news crew class, hydroponics lab, robotics, drone piloting and racing, flight simulation, afterschool accelerated instruction with STEM (Science Technology Engineering, Math) expansion opportunities, augmented reality sandbox instruction, and a 6th grade weather broadcasting class to our master schedule.


The goal is to educate small populations with new knowledge and then enrich all classes with this new knowledge. In conjunction with advanced instruction, we are continuing with our Silent Sustained Reading program (SSR), where all students are required to read for the first 15 minutes of all ELAR classes and the first 15 minutes of all tutorial classes. The SSR program creates 90 hours of uninterrupted reading time. In support of this program, Hudson Middle School continually checks our students’ reading comprehension levels through one-on-one teacher comprehension checks and Scholastic Reading Inventory testing. This information provides our staff and parents with detailed documentation that is used to accelerate the learning opportunities of all our students.


Due to our success with SSR we have developed an accelerated math fluency program that is incorporated in the first half of all math and tutorial instruction.  The intent of the accelerated math fluency program is to increase our students foundation knowledge to the highest levels creating autonomous responses.  It is our hope that this level of competency will allow our students to spend optimal time focusing on the critical thinking in math rather than the basic computations.  


Hudson Middle School has also continued to further support our students by providing and expanding the after school program “Foundation Acceleration”. This program targets students needing accelerated instruction and provides non traditional schooling in Math and ELAR, creating a meaningful and enjoyable learning environment where students are requesting to attend. The intent of the program is to target core knowledge, providing the foundation for potential higher level thinking. This program is predicated on the realization that what students are able to learn at any given moment depends on what they already know and to what level they are able to use the pre-existing knowledge.


As always, we look forward to working with your child and appreciate your continued support in the shared effort of promoting a meaningful educational experience.  



Richard Crenshaw


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