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The Mission of AVID

The Mission of AVID

AVID's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students

for college readiness and success in a global society.



General Information

What is AVID?

Avid adj.: enthusiastic; ardent; characterized by vigorous pursuit [ L avidus,eager for knowledge]

AVID is a college preparatory program for grades six through twelve that empowers students to succeed in a rigorous academic curriculum.

The goal of AVID is to educate the whole student by unifying six important elements of education: students, curriculum, faculty, skills, parents, and community.

The AVID curriculum includes instruction in study skills, organizational skills, communication skills, writing, test-taking strategies, personal development, and team-building.


  1. Being in AVID is a privilege and enrollment in the program is an honor.
  2. Behave accordingly in each class and in all activities where you represent our school.
  3. Be an active learner: be attentive, take Cornell notes in each class.
  4. AVID is a class. Complete all AVID assignments
  5. Come prepared to study groups and tutorials. Have all class notes, texts, handouts, and any other necessary materials. Be aware that study groups and tutorials are not a replacement for homework time. They are study sessions with college tutors. As a group member, help others and, in turn, receive help from members of the group.
  6. Be prepared for all classes with your AVID binder that includes all assigned work completed and ready to submit at the beginning of the class.
  7. Stay on top of your grades by taking the responsibility for your own learning. If you start to fall behind, request help from the teachers and/or tutors.
  8. Advance classes are challenging and you may see a decline in your grades in the beginning. This will require extra time and effort by utilizing before or after school tutoring.
  9. Participate as an active member in all fund-raising, community service and field trip activities.
  10. Participate in the program throughout high school.

 Best Practices Towards Success:

  • Maintain enrollment in college preparatory classes
  • Maintain a notebook with class and text notes for each academic course
  • Maintain assignment sheets for each subject and complete tutorial forms for all AVID tutorial sessions
  • Take at least one page of notes in every class each day
  • Spend two hours per night on homework and study
  • Maintain satisfactory citizenship and attendance in all classes
  • Complete AVID assignments including writing and speaking tasks
  • Participate in AVID tutorials
  • Take the PSAT at least once
  • Attend the AVID field trips during and after school
  • Maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average
  • Increase academic rigor by enrolling in and successfully completing at least one Advanced class in one or more of the core curriculum areas (English, Math, Social Studies, Science) each year


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