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Distance Learning 2020

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Well we have begun a new adventure .  The COVID – 19 Crisis has changed the way we do many things including how we do school.  But because we as a district have worked to advance our students in technology, we can adapt and make this into a good learning experience.  Our students are very familiar with using technology in their learning .  And we as teachers have had a lot of training as well.  We will get through this together.  

Families have two options at this time on how their students will receive instruction.  

  1.  Online – Through Google Classroom
  2. Paper Packets – To be picked up at the middle school on Tuesdays.  

Work for 7th grade math will be in Google Classroom.  There will be 3 or 4 assignments each week .  Students should complete the assignments and put answers on Google Forms which is  a part of each Google assignment.  Most of the work we will do will be review .  Students will be graded on these assignments.  I will try to give feedback on the assignment work within 24 hours. I will do this also through Google Classroom.  Students are welcome to ask questions if they are unsure how to do the work.  I will put some videos and helps up also through Google Classroom.

Each week I will put Khan Academy assignments and IXL assignments online.  These will benefit the students by giving instruction and guided practice on the 7th grade math topics.  

I encourage you to find other topics that you are interested in and explore those online.  Khan Academy has a lot of different subjects that you can discover new things and places that you never knew about.  And its free.  


There is a homework hotline as well for students and parents.    Hotline : 875-9494

We will get back to you as quickly as we can for any of your questions.