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Ginger Dykes

Mrs. Dykes

6th Grade Science

7th Grade Science

7th Grade Robotics


Classroom Expectations Links
  • Be prepared for class
  • Be respectful
  • Follow school rules
  • Be ready to learn!!

Classroom Supplies

6th Grade Science Syllabus

7th Grade Science Syllabus 

Teacher Schedules


**Mrs. Dykes’ Amazon Wishlist**
My list contains items that are cosumable (such as pencils and tape) that we run out of as the year goes by as well as items that I would like to have to implement new ideas into my classroom (lock box kit supplies).  Thank you in advance!


Mrs. Dykes’ Schedule
A Day B Day
1st Period: 6th Grade Science 6th Period: Conference
2nd Period: 6th Grade Science 7th Period: 7th Grade Science
3rd Period: Conference 8th Period: 6th Grade Science
4th Period: 7th Grade Science 9th Period: 7th Grade Science
5th Period: Arena Robotics 10th Period: Arena Robotics



Online Resources We Use
Resource Username Password


All HMS students are expected to be able to log into their Google accounts through the Google Chrome browser. lunchnumber@hisd

Google Classroom

I use google classroom to assign work to students.  Students can use this to review videos and assignments we have already completed.

Login to Google as shown above.  

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Contact Ginger Dykes

Classroom Number:
School Phone:
Conference Time:
A Day:11:05-1:05 (lunch 11:35-12:05) B Day: 8-9