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6th grade Electives


Students will be introduced to the many aspects of Art, which include elements of art, principles of design, art criticism, and art history.  Students will begin with the basics of drawing and how to “See.”  Students will experiment with various types of art media such as graphite, colored pencils, charcoal ink, and pastels for drawing.  They will have the opportunity to work with tempera paint and watercolors in painting, and for 3-D art they will get to use clay and paper Mache’.  Students will learn the techniques of 3-D drawing and shading, the use of perspective, light, and shadow.  Students will get the chance to use their self-expression in many projects.  Fees:  $3.00 for the clay unit.

Heather Gann: or Melanie Moses:


Beginning Band is a class that is open to anyone who has an interest in learning how to play a wind or percussion instrument.  No experience needed! The Band Directors will teach all students everything they need to know about music and playing their instruments!  Being a member can provide students with new experiences (trips!!!) and opportunities throughout MS and HS.  Instruments available:  flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, horn, trombone, baritone, tuba, & percussion.  We hope you join the band family!  Fees:  $35 (includes band polo and all supplies for the year).

Stephen Sterling:


Choir is for students who like to sing!  You do not have to have any previous experience, and no audition is necessary.  The 6th grade choir meets during a regular elective period.  The choir performs in concerts multiple times a year, as well as going on several field trips.  (We've traveled to Six Flags, Pinstacks, and Splash Kingdom!)  Fees:  $10 for choir shirt to wear during performances; students with financial hardship will be helped.  Come on over and join our team!

Mary Turner:

3D Design

Students will have hands-on experience in solving real world challenges and engineering design while using TinkerCAD/AutoCAD/Onshape software and 3D Makerbot printers. Students will also learn about the different types of 3D printing materials, and how to use and maintain a 3D printer to make parts. This class is recommended for students who love computers and know how to demonstrate the principles of teamwork.  Creativity and work ethic are critical in this course.  Math skills are also important for this course and an average of 85 or above in 5th grade Math is required.

Kelli Davis:


HMS NewsCrew is a group of students who learn and use many aspects of media production.  NewsCrew members have duties like research, writing news articles, video & editing work, photography, graphic design, and podcasting.  Students interested in this program must have the highest level of responsibility and self-driven character.  They must be able to work independently and in groups to meet deadlines.



The 6th Grade Robotics Course will take place in the FLEX period of the school day.  Students will work with robotics, computational thinking, and learning coding languages in order to address needs in the local and larger world communities.  This will involve assembling and disassembling robots, creating coding sequences for robots to carry out, working in teams, and tentatively competing in events off-campus.  There may also be a need to spend time after school working on projects for competition.  Student requirements for participation: No discipline issues, positive attitude, adaptability, and perseverance.

Dr. Wesley Vinson: