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HMS FLEX Courses

FLEX Program Overview:

Each nine weeks, HMS students will have the opportunity to choose between special enrichment courses they would like to experience. These special classes are developed and instructed by HMS teachers and are called FLEX courses.

The vision for these elective enrichment experiences is to provide students with an authentic opportunity to learn and grow both academically and socially in experiences based on their own interests and talents. These courses provide an opportunity for students to participate in academic enrichment experiences that expand upon school curriculum and advance their life and career readiness.

FLEX Course experiences are designed so that students apply knowledge and skills acquired in their core content areas while learning a new set of skills, techniques, and strategies. Students do not necessarily have to “study” for FLEX courses, but they may have to dedicate time outside of school to prepare and complete projects and demonstrations of their learning for summative performance expectations. FLEX Course experiences are designed to be fun and enjoyable for students AND for teachers.


Keeping the above in mind, the following logistics will help students know and understand expectations for FLEX courses:

  • Students will be prepared, actively participate, and contribute to the FLEX course experience.

  • Students may not be able to participate in chosen FLEX courses due to interventions needed or behavior issues.

The good news for students is that they get to make choices! The bad news is that they have to make tough choices! During the selection process, students will be able to read descriptions of each of the FLEX Courses that will be offered. Students are encouraged to make selections that complement their own interests and talents - and we will do our very best to give students their choices.